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Directory: 100 technology experts on Twitter

  1. Chris Anderson (@chr1sa) Editor in Chief of Wired and author of The Long Tail
  2. Michael Arrington (@techcrunch) Founder of TechCrunch
  3. John Battelle (@johnbattelle) Author and pundit on Google and Internet search
  4. Veronica Belmont (@veronica) Former CNET TV and Mahalo Daily host
  5. Randall Bennett (@randallb) Founder of TechVi; former CNET TV producer
  6. David Berlind (@dberlind) TechWeb Editor-at-Large
  7. Ryan Block (@ryanblock) Former Engadget editor and co-founder of GDGT
  8. Henry Blodget (@hblodget) Controversial Wall Street journalist who covers tech sector
  9. Danah Boyd (@zephoria) Academic/researcher in new media
  10. Ed Bott (@edbott) Microsoft Windows expert, blogger, book author
  11. Jason Calacanis (@jasoncalacanis) CEO of Mahalo, founder of Weblogs Inc.
  12. Pete Cashmore (@mashable) CEO of Mashable
  13. David Davis (@davidmdavis) Author, blogger, expert on Cisco and virtualization technologies
  14. Chris Dawson (@mrdatahs) ZDNet blogger on technology in education
  15. Natali Del Conte (@natalidelconte) CNET TV host of Loaded and tech correspondent for CBS News
  16. Mrinal Desai (@mrinaldesai) Co-founder of CrossLoop; tech news junkie
  17. Sam Diaz (@sammyd) ZDNet news hound on the Between the Lines blog
  18. Larry Dignan (@ldignan) ZDNet Editor in Chief; prolific tech news blogger
  19. Esther Dyson (@edyson) Veteran technology pundit
  20. Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) Google engineer, blogger
  21. Bill Detwiler (@billdetwiler) TechRepublic’s head technology editor
  22. John C. Dvorak (@therealdvorak) Famously cranky tech pundit
  23. Erik Eckel (@erikeckel) IT consultant and TechRepublic writer
  24. Mike Elgan (@mike_elgan) Widely-published freelance tech writer
  25. Rob Enderle (@enderle) Long-time analyst of the PC industry
  26. Catherina Fake (@caterina) Co-founder of Flickr
  27. Dan Farber (@dbfarber) Editor of CBSNews.com; former editor of CNET and ZDNet
  28. Scot Finnie (@sfinnie) Editor in Chief of Computerworld
  29. Mary Jo Foley (@maryjofoley) One of the world’s top commentators on Microsoft
  30. Ina Fried (@inafried) CNET’s resident Microsoft analyst
  31. John Furrier (@furrier) Silicon Valley entrepreneur; now specializing in mobility
  32. Steve Gillmor (@stevegillmor) Editor of TechCrunch IT, veteran tech journalist
  33. Bob Gourley (@bobgourley) CTOvision.com blogger; government IT expert
  34. John Gruber (@gruber) Author of Daring Fireball blog; covers mostly Apple
  35. Dion Hinchcliffe (@dhinchcliffe) Blogger and consultant on Web 2.0 for business
  36. Chuck Hollis (@chuckhollis) EMC CTO and blogger
  37. Andy Ihnatko (@ihnatko) Apple pundit
  38. Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis) Professor and author who covers intersection and tech and media
  39. Mitch Kapor (@mkapor) Lotus, Mozilla pioneer; angel investor
  40. Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki) Venture capitalist and former Mac columnist
  41. Michael Krigsman (@mkrigsman) Watchdog of IT project failures
  42. Sarah Lacy (@sarahcuda) Freelance author covering Silicon Valley
  43. Leo Laporte (@leolaporte) Host of TWiT network and former TechTV host
  44. Brian Lam (@blam) Editorial Director of Gizmodo
  45. Nicole Lee (@nicole) CNET editor on cellphones and smartphones
  46. Jennifer Leggio (@mediaphyter) ZDNet blogger on social media for business
  47. Cali Lewis (@calilewis) Host of GeekBrief.TV
  48. Charlene Li (@charleneli) Author and social media thought leader
  49. Jim Louderback (@jlouderb) CEO of Revision3; former editor of PC Magazine
  50. Scott Lowe (@scottdlowe) CIO, author, and TechRepublic columnist
  51. Andrew Mager (@mager) Web developer and ZDNet blogger on Web 2.0
  52. Om Malik (@om) Founder of GigaOm
  53. Amber MacArther (@ambermac) Tech journalist and broadcaster
  54. Richard MacManus (@rww) Editor and founder of ReadWriteWeb
  55. Marissa Mayer (@marissamayer) Google product development executive
  56. Caroline McCarthy (@caro) CNET writer covering Web 2.0
  57. Harry McCracken (@harrymccracken) Founder of Technologizer and former editor of PC World
  58. Tom Merritt (@acedtect) Host of Buzz Out Loud and various CNET TV shows
  59. Walt Mossberg (@waltmossberg) Tech columnist for The Wall Street Journal
  60. Rafe Needleman (@rafe) Editor of CNET’s Webware
  61. Patrick Norton (@patricknorton) Tekzilla host and former TechTV personality
  62. Andrew Nusca (@editorialiste) ZDNet news writer; SmartPlanet.com editor
  63. Tim O’Reilly (@timoreilly) Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media
  64. Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) Forrester analyst on new media technologies
  65. Jason Perlow (@jperlow) ZDNet blogger and Linux Magazine writer
  66. Chris Pirillo (@chrispirillo) Tech geek turned Internet personality
  67. Jason Pontin (@jason_pontin) Editor in Chief of MIT Technology Review
  68. David Pogue (@pogue) Tech columnist for New York Times and CNBC
  69. JR Rafael (@jr_raphael) Tech news writer for PC World
  70. Maggie Reardon (@maggie_reardon) CNET reporter on mobile and wireless technology
  71. Don Reisinger (@donreisinger) Gadget columnist for CNET
  72. Gabe Rivera (@gaberivera) Founder of Techmeme
  73. Peter Rojas (@peterrojas) Original creator of both Gizmodo and Engadget
  74. Kevin Rose (@kevinrose) Founder of Digg.com, host of Diggnation
  75. Joshua Schachter (@joshu) Creator of Delicious, a.k.a. del.icio.us
  76. Jack Schofield (@jackschofield) Computer editor at The Guardian
  77. Erick Schonfeld (@erickschonfeld) TechCrunch editor
  78. Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) Tech writer and social media flag-bearer
  79. Sascha Seagan (@saschasegan) Mobile writer for PC Magazine
  80. Doc Searls (@dsearls) Tech journalist, author, open source advocate
  81. Stephen Shankland (@stshank) CNET News reporter, covering Web and search
  82. Deb Shinder (@debshinder) Popular tech tip writer for TechRepublic and other publications
  83. Dwight Silverman (@dsilverman) Technology editor for the Houston Chronicle
  84. Jason Snell (@jsnell) Editorial Director of Macworld
  85. Mark Spoonauer (@mspoonauer) Editor in Chief of LAPTOP
  86. Robert Strohmeyer (@rstrohmeyer) PC World editor and columnist
  87. Kara Swisher (@karaswisher) Silicon Valley blogger for AllThingsD.com
  88. Paul Thurrott (@thurrott) Microsoft Windows columnist, editor, and podcaster
  89. Joshua Topolsky (@joshuatopolsky) Editor in Chief of Engadget
  90. Gina Trapani (@ginatrapani) Founding editor of Lifehacker.com
  91. Lance Ulanoff (@lanceulanoff) Editor in Chief of PC Magazine
  92. Rick Vanover (@rickvanover) Senior IT professional and TechRepublic blogger
  93. Tony Vincent (@tonyvincent) Writer on mobile tech and IT in education
  94. Werner Vogels (@werner) Amazon.com CTO
  95. Jack Wallen (@jlwallen) Linux enthusiast, columnist, and tip writer
  96. Padmasree Warrior (@padmasree) CTO of Cisco Systems
  97. Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) Tech venture capitalist in New York
  98. Alex Wolfe (@awolfe58) Editor in Chief of InformationWeek
  99. Molly Wood (@mollywood) CNET TV host and creator of the famed “Molly rant”
  100. Dave Zatz (@davezatz) Gadget and digital lifestyle blogger