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Is atopic disease cured in Malaysia?



❏地震 (※マレー半島 ボルネオ島のぞく) 













Is atopic disease cured in Malaysia?

There are many things that are not in Malaysia

Things not in Malaysia

❏ Earthquake (* Mali Peninsula Borneo Island Except)
❏ Active fault
❏ Volcano
❏ Tsunami
❏ Typhoon
❏ Nuclear Power Plant
❏ North Korea’s missile threat
□ hay fever
❏ atopy syndrome

The earthquake is serious in Borneo and neighboring Sumatra, but there is no Malay Peninsula!
Red dot is Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur


Among them, it is atopic disease that is very anxious.

If you live in Malaysia you will be less atopic, Malaysia seems to have a huge advantage.

Medical evidence is also necessary, but I will pick up and write down the articles you care about.

❏ Japanese water contains high concentrations of chlorine in compliance with world standards. A country with tropical rainforest climate like Malaysia will not finish using chlorine to disinfect Mizuno, but the amount of chlorine in Japan is abnormal.
As mentioned before, the Japanese regulation stipulates that the chlorine concentration at the water outlet is 0.1 ppm or higher, and there is no upper limit.

❏ In Germany and other European countries, it is stipulated that “the chlorine concentration at the water outlet is 0.05 ppm or less”.
In Germany we are trying to keep the chlorine concentration low, but in Japan we are trying to maintain a higher chlorine content.

❏ Since the incident of Escherichia coli O – 157, in Japan there is a tendency to host microorganisms. I think that “maintenance of people’s health” should be the purpose, but I think that “kill microorganisms” has been replaced by purpose. Despite placing a large amount of chlorine in the water, there are very terrible customs in Japan to drink tap water as it is or use it for cooking. What kind of harm is caused by this custom?

❏ I think that atopic dermatitis is caused by water.
Atopic dermatitis develops by immunity not functioning normally and attacking oneself. Possible reasons are:
1) Food
2) Air
3) Water
The above three are inferred as the possibility of being taken into the body.
From an epidemiological point of view, looking at the occurrence of atopy is very funny. Actually, atopy does not exist as much as Malaysia can be said to be most. In addition to Malaysia, there are few atopy in countries around Southeast Asia.

❏ In addition, it has been recently that atopy started to occur abundantly in Japan, and atopy has hardly developed in my parent’s generation.

❏ Chlorine interferes with DNA that preserves protein and genetic information in the body. In the case of proteins, they are repaired so that the problem does not surf. However, if a nucleic acid suffers a failure, its next generation will fail. When a child is made, DNA damage information is handed down to the child as it is,
I guess it may appear as immune diseases like atopic dermatitis and other various congenital diseases.
In fact, atopic dermatitis was an almost irrelevant disease for parents and grandparents.


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