#BracingEvoMix AI美女の作画 #StableDiffusion



best quality, high resolution, (realistic:1.2), young woman, brown hair, brown eyes,Front, detailed face, beautiful eyes, (fair skin:1.2), (soft saturation:1.3),__xxx__,

BadBras,(worst quality:2),(low quality:1.4),(logo,mark:2),(undressing:1.5), (disheveled clothes:1.4),(manicure:1.2),(nipple:1.2),(long neck:2),

































70年代風のファッションをChatGPTとGoogle Bardに同時に ChatHubで、お願いしてみました。

Here are 20 specific 1970s-style upper garment options for 20-year-old women, described in one sentensce using only lowercase letters and no punctuation

WildcardsManegerの __xxx__ のプロンプトに代入してみましたが…。あんまり70年代でないですね。


a rainbow striped crochet halter top perfect for summer festivals
a blue denim jacket adorned with funky patches and pins
a high-necked, long-sleeved paisley print blouse for a vintage look
a vibrant orange velvet blazer for a unique retro statement
a white and red gingham button-down shirt for a country chic vibe
a black and silver sequined disco top for night out looks
a mustard yellow turtleneck sweater for cooler days
a purple satin blouse with butterfly collars for a glam touch
a floral print maxi kimono for a bohemian twist
a green corduroy shirt jacket for an outdoorsy appeal
a navy blue and white polka dot tie neck blouse for a classic 70s look
a psychedelic print loose fit tunic for a bold fashion statement
a brown suede fringe vest for a western-inspired outfit
a pink chiffon blouse with bishop sleeves for a feminine touch
a yellow and green tie-dye t-shirt for a laid-back, hippie vibe
a burgundy velvet cropped jacket for a luxe touch
a gold lame disco blouse for dance party glamour
a denim vest with floral embroidery for a touch of nostalgia
a leopard print faux fur coat for a daring, chic look
a beige crochet poncho for a relaxed, earthy ensemble.


































続いて、 GoogleBardによる作品

Sure, here are 20 specific 1970s-style upper garment options for 20-year-old women in one sentence using only lowercase letters:

denim jacket,
peasant blouse,
halter top,
maxi dress,
crop top,
peasant skirt,
fringed jacket,
velvet jacket,
corduroy jacket,
paisley blouse,
tie-dye top,
platform heels,
wide-leg pants,
fringe vest,
peasant top,
bell-bottom jeans,
boho top,
70s maxi dress

なんとなくデニム ジャケットとかマキシドレスが反映されていますが、あまり70年代ぽくないですね。



お脚が完全におかしいですね! 普通に見ていて、びっくりしました。