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positive prompt

(8k, RAW photo, best quality, high resolution:1.2), ultra detailed, ultra high res,
(realistic, photo realistic:1.37), high detail RAW color photo, professional photograph,
an extremely delicate and beautiful, extremely detailed, 8k wallpaper, Amazing, finely detail, huge file size, official art, extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper,
extremely detailed beautiful women, extremely detailed face, extremely detailed eyes, extremely detailed skin, extremely detailed fingers, extremely detailed nose, extremely detailed mouth, perfect anatomy, highly detailed background, highly intricate background, extremely detailed clothing,
(40 years old:1.2), sexy girl, famous japanese actress, mature,coquettish,erotic,
realistic body,attractive mature lady,
fair skin, shiny skin, slender body, good figure,
blonds hair, long , (blunt bangs:1.2),
smile, cute, young, cute face, pretty face, realistic face, small face,
beautifully detailed eyes, drooping eyes, beautiful big eyes, large dark eyes, beautiful and clear eyes, colored contact lens,
looking at viewer, (cowboy shot:1.2), front view, standing posture, contrapposto,
outdoors, (daytime:1.2), landscape, depth, Okinawa Beach,
professional lighting,__xxx__,

nagative prompt

BadBras,(worst quality:2),(low quality:1.4),(logo,mark:2),(undressing:1.5), (disheveled clothes:1.4),(manicure:1.2),(nipple:1.6),(long neck:2), grayscale


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StableDiffusion の WildCard Manager に  __xxx__

のところに、ChatGPTで作ってもらったbikini swimsuits のバリエーションを代入しました。

here are twelve specific upper garment options for a 20 years old female, described in one sentensce using only lowercase letters and no punctuation

black one-piece swimsuit with cut-out details on the sides
high-waisted floral bikini with a ruffled bandeau top
turquoise halter bikini with matching side-tie bottoms
neon pink athletic swimsuit with a zippered front
striped triangle bikini in shades of blue and white
coral-colored one-shoulder maillot with a belted waist
leopard print string bikini with adjustable tie closures
pastel tie-dye tankini with boyshort bottoms
plunging V-neck monokini in metallic gold
olive green bikini with a crochet overlay
polka dot halter tankini with ruched detailing
navy blue rash guard with long sleeves and a front zipper


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