Eigo for AI to read that for the AI voice skill check

This text is intended for AI reading practice.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am your host Paul Kanda, and it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome you to this exciting event. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be enthralled!

The dazzling morning sun begins to rise slowly from the horizon. The darkness recedes, and a new day begins. The trees in the forest are filled with the chirping of birds, like a natural orchestra. The warm sunlight reflects off the quiet lake surface, shining like pure gold. The air is fresh and invigorating, with only the soft wind and the sound of the quietly flowing river breaking the silence.

On the other hand, the town is full of vitality. The shopping street is bustling with people shopping. Cars pass on the roads, and skyscrapers seen between buildings shine against the blue sky. In the park, children’s laughter echoes, and people walking their dogs stroll slowly. At the corner cafe, the fragrant aroma of coffee wafts around, and friends and coworkers engage in pleasant conversations.

As night falls, the city lights up brilliantly. The illumination of buildings, neon signs, and streetlights beautifully light up the night city. The scent of delicious food wafts from restaurants, and people enjoy entertainment at movie theaters and playhouses. Meanwhile, in quiet homes, families gather to talk about the events of the day and share loving moments.

This world is diverse, and each place and time has its own charm and story. Nature and humans, tranquility and vitality, day and night. They all play a part in creating a grand harmony. Each part contributes to the overall beauty.

We each play a part in this. Understanding our own roles, we weave our own stories. Then, each experience and memory contributes to the tapestry of our lives.