State of Twittersphere

State of Twittersphere – Twitter Report June 2009 State of Twittersphere – Twitter Report June 2009 HubSpot – Inbound Marketing With all the data we’ve collected from Twitter Grader (information on over 4.5 million users), we thought it was time to update last year’s State of the Twittersphere and share that back with the community for all of you marketing and Internet geeks (like us).
This time around we think the most interesting points of data we see center around the “activity” levels of many accounts on Twitter. For instance:
• 79.79% failed to provide a homepage URL
• 75.86% of users have not entered a bio in their profile
• 68.68% have not specified a location
• 55.50% are not following anyone
• 54.88% have never tweeted
• 52.71% have no followers


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