Appleが買収してきた企業 Googleが買収してきた企業

Toshiaki Kanda 2016年11月25日 金曜日
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❏FoundationDB――データベース管理 2015年3月

❏Acunu――データ解析技術 2013年12月

❏Semetric――音楽配信サービス 2015年1月

❏Prss――デジタル出版 2014年9月

❏Swell――コンテンツ配信 ラジオアプリ 2014年6月 3000万ドル

❏BookLamp――デジタル書籍  2014年6月 1500万ドル

❏Beats Electronics/Beats Music――音楽配信サービス 2014年5月 30億ドル

❏Spotsetter――地図アプリ 2014年6月

❏LuxVue Technology――ディスプレイ技術 2014年5月

❏Burstly――アプリテストサービス 2014年2月

❏Metaio: German augmented-reality company


❏Faceshift: Swiss motion capture company that worked on Star Wars
Flyby Media: Augmented-reality startup that can identify objects in the real world



❏Camel Audio: Software company that makes digital synthesizers and audio effects processors

❏Emollient: Artificial-intelligence startup with software that can read emotions from facial expressions

❏LegbaCore: Software security company that specializes in firmware
LinX Imaging: Israel-based startup that makes multi-aperture cameras
Coherent Navigation: Ultra-precise GPS navigation company

❏Mapsense: Makes software tools for visualizing location data on maps

❏Perceptio: Deep learning startup developing advanced artificial
intelligence software

❏Semetric: Music analytics software solutions provider

❏VocalIQ: Deep learning startup that helps computers understand and generate natural speech

Apple’s future is more exciting than you can even imagine



1March 2, 1988Network InnovationsSoftware United States[6] —
2June 7, 1988Orion Network SystemsSatellite communication systems United States[7]
3June 27, 1988StylewareComputer software United States[8]AppleWorksGS
4July 11, 1988ClarisComputer software United States[9]FileMaker
5January 3, 1989Coral SoftwareComputer software United States[10]
6February 7, 1997NeXTComputer programming services United StatesUS$404,000,000[11]macOS, iOS
7September 2, 1997Power Computing Corporation[note 1]Clone computers United StatesUS$110,000,000[12][13]
8January 8, 1999Xemplar EducationSoftware United KingdomUS$4,926,000[14]
9November 3, 1999Raycer GraphicsComputer graphic chips United StatesUS$15,000,000[15]
10January 7, 2000NetSelectorInternet software United States[16]
11April 11, 2000Astarte-DVD Authoring Software[note 2]Software Germany[17]DVD Studio Pro
122000 (Q4)SoundJam MP[note 3]Software United States[18]iTunes
132001Bluefish LabsProductivity software United States[19]iWork
14May 11, 2001bluebuzzInternet service provider (ISP) United States[20]
15July 9, 2001Spruce Technologies[note 4]Graphics software United StatesUS$14,900,000[21][22]DVD Studio Pro
16December 31, 2001PowerSchoolOnline info systems services United StatesUS$66,100,000[22][23]PowerSchool
17February 1, 2002Nothing RealSpecial effects software United StatesUS$15,000,000[22][24]Shake
18April 4, 2002ZayanteFireWire chips and software United StatesUS$13,000,000[note 5][25][26][27]FireWire
19June 11, 2002Silicon Grail Corp-Chalice[note 6][note 7]Digital effects software United StatesUS$20,000,000 [note 8][26][28]Motion
20June 20, 2002Propel SoftwareSoftware United States[29]
21June 21, 2002Prismo Graphics[note 7]Special-effects titling software for film and video United StatesUS$20,000,000[note 8][26][30]LiveType(Final Cut Studio)
22July 1, 2002EmagicMusic production software GermanyUS$30,000,000[22][31]Logic Pro, GarageBand
23March 2005SchemasoftSoftware Canada[32]iWork
24April 2005FingerWorksGesture recognition company United States[33][34]iOS
25October 16, 2006Silicon ColorSoftware United States[35]Color (Final Cut Studio)
26December 4, 2006ProximitySoftware Australia[36]Final Cut Server
27April 24, 2008P.A. SemiSemiconductors United StatesUS$278,000,000[37][38]Apple SOC
28July 7, 2009PlacebaseMaps United States[39]Maps
29December 6, 2009Lala.comMusic streaming United StatesUS$17,000,000[40]iCloud, iTunes Match
30January 5, 2010Quattro WirelessMobile advertising United StatesUS$275,000,000[41]iAd
31April 27, 2010IntrinsitySemiconductors United StatesUS$121,000,000[42]Apple SOC
32April 27, 2010SiriVoice control software United States[43]Siri
33July 14, 2010Poly9Web-based mapping Canada[44]Maps
34September 20, 2010Polar RoseFacial recognition SwedenUS$29,000,000[45]iOS
35September 14, 2010IMSenseHigh-dynamic-range (HDR) photography United Kingdom[46]iOS
36August 1, 2011C3 Technologies3D mapping SwedenUS$267,000,000[47]Maps
37December 20, 2011AnobitFlash memory IsraelUS$390,000,000[48]iPod, iPhone, iPad
38February 23, 2012ChompApp search engine United StatesUS$50,000,000[49]App Store
39June 2, 2012RedmaticaAudio Italy[50]Logic Pro
40July 27, 2012AuthenTecPC and mobile security products United StatesUS$356,000,000[51]Touch ID
41September 27, 2012ParticleHTML5 Web app firm United States[52]iCloud, iAd
422013Novauris TechnologiesSpeech recognition United Kingdom[53][54]Siri
432013OttoCatSearch engine United States[55]App Store
44March 23, 2013WiFiSlamIndoor location United StatesUS$20,000,000[56]Maps
45July 19, 2013LocationaryMaps Canada[57]Maps
46July 19, 2013HopStop.comMaps United States[58]Maps
47August 1, 2013Passif SemiconductorSemiconductors United States[59]Apple SOC
48August 13, 2013MatchaMedia discovery app United States[60]
49August 22, 2013EmbarkMaps United States[61]Maps
50August 28, 2013AlgoTrimData compression Sweden[62]
51October 3, 2013CuePersonal assistant United StatesUS$50,000,000[63]
52November 24, 2013PrimeSenseSemiconductors IsraelUS$345,000,000[64]
53December 2, 2013TopsyAnalytics United StatesUS$200,000,000[65]
54December 23, 2013BroadMapMaps United States[66]Maps
55December 23, 2013Catch.comSoftware United States[66]
xxDecember 2013AcunuDatabase analytics United States[67]
56January 4, 2014SnappyLabsPhotography software United States[68]Camera
57February 21, 2014BurstlySoftware United States[69]App Testing and Distribution
58May 2, 2014LuxVue Technologymicro-LEDdisplays United States[70]
59June 6, 2014SpotsetterSocial search engine United States[71]Maps
60June 29, 2014SwellMusic streaming United StatesUS$30,000,000[72]iTunes
61June 29, 2014BookLampSoftware United States[73]iBooks
62August 1, 2014Beats ElectronicsHeadphones, music streaming(Beats Music) United StatesUS$3,000,000,000[5]iPhone, iTunes
63September 23, 2014PrssDigital magazine Netherlands —[74] —
642014DryftKeyboard App United States —[75] —
65January 2015Camel AudioAudio United Kingdom —[76]Logic Pro
66January 21, 2015SemetricMusic analytics United Kingdom US$50,000,000[77][78]iTunes Radio, Beats Music
67March 24, 2015FoundationDBDatabase United States —[79]iCloud
68April 14, 2015LinXCamera Israel US$20,000,000[80]iPod, iPhone, iPad
69April 2015Coherent NavigationMaps United States —[81]Maps
70May 2015MetaioAugmented reality Germany —[82] —
71September 2015MapsenseMapping visualization and data collection United States US$25,000,000 – 30,000,000[83][84]Maps
72September 2015VocalIQSpeech tech firm United Kingdom —[85]Siri
73September 2015PerceptioMachine learning, Image recognition United States —[86]
74November 2015FaceshiftMotion Capture  Switzerland —[87][88]
75January 7, 2016EmotientFacial recognition system United States —[89][90][91]IPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac computers
76January 28, 2016LearnSproutEducation Software United States —[92]
77January 29, 2016Flyby MediaAugmented reality software United States —[93]IPhone, iPod, iPad
78Feb 3, 2016LegbaCoreFirmware Security United States —[94][95][96]UEFI(CoreOS)
79July 26, 2016“Carpool Karaoke”with James CordenComedy Karaoke Series United States —[97][98]Apple Music
80August 5, 2016TuriMachine LearningCompany United States US$200,000,000[99][100][101]Xcode
81August 22, 2016GliimpsePersonal health info collection company United States —[102][103][104]HealthKit, CareKit, ResearchKit
82September 22, 2016TuplejumpMachine learning concepts and analytics on massive amounts of data in realtime. India —[105][106]CoreOS, Siri



Acquisition dateGoogle companyBusinessCountry listPriceUsed as or integrated withRefs
February 12, 2001DejaUsenet USAGoogle Groups[8]
September 20, 2001OutrideWeb search engine USAGoogle Personalized Search[9]
February 2003Pyra LabsWeblog software USABlogger[10]
April 2003Neotonic SoftwareCustomer relationship management USAGoogle Groups, Gmail[11]
April 2003Applied SemanticsOnline advertising USA$102,000,000AdSense, AdWords[12][13]
September 30, 2003KaltixWeb search engine USAiGoogle[14]
October 2003SprinksOnline advertising USAAdSense, AdWords[15]
October 2003Genius LabsBlogging USABlogger[16]
May 10, 2004Ignite LogicHTML editor USAGoogle Sites[17]
July 13, 2004PicasaImage organizer USAPicasa, Blogger[18]
September 2004ZipDashTraffic analysis USAGoogle Maps[19]
October 2004Where2Map analysis AUSGoogle Maps[20]
October 27, 2004Keyhole, IncMap analysis USAGoogle Maps, Google Earth[21]
March 28, 2005Urchin Software CorporationWeb analytics USAGoogle Analytics[22]
May 12, 2005DodgeballSocial networking service USAGoogle Latitude[23]
July 19, 2005Akwan Information TechnologiesSearch engines BRAInternet backbone[24]
July 2005ReqwirelessMobile browser CANGoogle Mobile[25]
August 17, 2005AndroidMobile software USA$50,000,000Android[26][27]
November 2005SkiaGraphics software USAAndroid, Google Chrome[28]
December 27, 2005PhatbitsWidget engine USAGoogle Desktop[29]
December 31, 2005allPAY GmbHMobile software GERGoogle Mobile[30]
December 31, 2005bruNET GmbHMobile software GERGoogle Mobile[30]
January 17, 2006dMarc BroadcastingAdvertising USA$102,000,000AdSense[31]
February 14, 2006Measure MapWeblog software USAGoogle Analytics[32]
March 9, 2006UpstartleWord processor USAGoogle Docs[33]
March 14, 2006@Last Software3D modeling software USAGoogle Sketchup[34]
April 9, 2006OrionWeb search engine AUSGoogle Search[35]
June 1, 20062Web TechnologiesOnline spreadsheets USAGoogle Spreadsheet[36][37]
August 15, 2006Neven Vision Germany GmbHComputer vision GERPicasa, Google Goggles[38]
October 9, 2006YouTubeVideo sharing USA$1,650,000,000YouTube[39][40]
October 31, 2006JotSpotWeb application USAGoogle Sites[41]
December 18, 2006EndoxonMapping  CHE$28,000,000Google Maps[42]
February 16, 2007AdscapeIn-game advertising USA$23,000,000AdSense[43]
March 16, 2007TrendalyzerStatistical software SWEGoogle Analytics[44]
April 17, 2007Tonic SystemsPresentation program USAGoogle Docs[45]
April 19, 2007MarratechVideoconferencing SWE$15,000,000Google Talk, Google Hangouts[46]
April 13, 2007DoubleClickOnline advertising USA$3,100,000,000AdSense[47][48][49]
May 11, 2007GreenBorderComputer security USAGoogle Chrome[50]
June 1, 2007PanoramioPhoto sharing ESPPanoramio[51]
June 3, 2007FeedBurnerWeb feed USA$100,000,000FeedBurner[52]
June 5, 2007PeakStreamParallel processing USAAndroid[53]
June 19, 2007ZenterPresentation program USAGoogle Docs[54]
July 2, 2007GrandCentralVoice over IP USA$45,000,000Google Voice[55][56]
July 20, 2007ImageAmericaAerial photography USAGoogle Maps[57]
July 9, 2007PostiniCommunications security USA$625,000,000Gmail[58]
September 27, 2007ZingkuSocial networking service USAGoogle Mobile[59]
October 9, 2007JaikuMicroblogging FINGoogle Mobile[60]
July 30, 2008OmnisioOnline video USA$15,000,000YouTube[61]
September 12, 2008TNCWeblog software KORBlogger[62]
August 5, 2009On2Video compression USA$133,000,000WebM, YouTube[63]
September 16, 2009reCAPTCHASecurity USAGoogle Books[64]
November 9, 2009AdMobMobile advertising USA$750,000,000DoubleClick, Invite Media[65]
November 9, 2009Gizmo5Voice over IP USA$30,000,000Google Talk, Google Hangouts[66]
November 23, 2009TeracentOnline advertising USAAdSense[67]
December 4, 2009AppJetCollaborative real-time editor USAGoogle Wave, Google Docs[68]
February 12, 2010AardvarkSocial search USA$50,000,000Aardvark[69]
February 17, 2010reMailEmail search USAGmail[70]
March 1, 2010PicnikPhoto editing USAPicasa[71][72]
March 5, 2010DocVerseMicrosoft Officefiles sharing site USA$25,000,000Google Docs[73]
April 2, 2010EpisodicOnline videoplatform start-up USAYouTube[74]
April 12, 2010PlinkArtVisual search engine UKGoogle Goggles[75]
April 20, 2010AgniluxServer CPUs USAAndroid[76]
April 27, 2010LabPixiesGadgets ISRiGoogle, Android[77]
April 30, 2010BumpTopDesktop environment CAN$30,000,000Android[78]
May 18, 2010Global IP SolutionsVideo and audiocompression USA$68,200,000WebRTC[79]
May 20, 2010Simplify MediaMusic streaming USAAndroid[80]
May 21, 2010Ruba.comTravel USAiGoogle[81]
June 3, 2010Invite MediaAdvertising USA$81,000,000DoubleClick[82]
July 16, 2010MetawebSemantic search USAGoogle Search[83]
August 2010ZetawireMobile payment, NFC CANAndroid, Google Wallet, Google Checkout[84]
August 4, 2010InstantiationsJava/Eclipse/AJAX developer tools USAGoogle Web Toolkit[85][86]
August 5, 2010Slide.comSocial gaming USA$228,000,000Google+, Orkut, Google Play[87]
August 10, 2010JamboolSocial Gold payment USA$70,000,000Google+, Orkut[88]
August 15, 2010Like.comVisual search engine USA$100,000,000Google Shopping[89][90]
August 30, 2010AngstroSocial networking service USAGoogle, Google Alert[91]
August 30, 2010SocialDeck, Inc.Social gaming CANGoogle, Google+[92]
September 13, 2010QuikseeOnline video ISR$10,000,000Google Maps[93]
September 28, 2010PlannrSchedule management USAGoogle+[94][95]
October 1, 2010BlindTypeTouch typing GREAndroid[96][97]
December 3, 2010Phonetic ArtsSpeech synthesis UKGoogle Voice, Google Translate[98]
December 3, 2010Widevine TechnologiesDRM USAGoogle TV[99]
January 13, 2011eBook TechnologiesE-book USAGoogle Books[100]
January 25, 2011SayNowVoice recognition USAGoogle Voice[101]
March 1, 2011ZynamicsSecurity GERProject Zero (Google)[102][103]
March 7, 2011BeatThatQuote.comPrice comparison service UK$65,000,000Google Shopping[104][105]
March 7, 2011Next New NetworksOnline video USAYouTube[106]
March 16, 2011Green Parrot PicturesDigital video IRLYouTube[107]
April 8, 2011PushLifeService provider CAN$25,000,000Google Play[108]
April 12, 2011 [109]ITA SoftwareTravel technology USA$676,000,000Google Flights[110]
April 26, 2011TalkBinMobile software USAAndroid[111]
May 23, 2011SparkbuyProduct search USAGoogle Shopping[112]
June 3, 2011PostRankSocial mediaanalytics service CANGoogle+Google Analytics[113]
June 9, 2011AdmeldOnline advertising USA$400,000,000DoubleClick, Invite Media[114][115]
June 18, 2011SageTVMedia center USAGoogle TV, Google Fiber, Android TV[116]
July 8, 2011PunchdLoyalty program USAGoogle Offers[117][118]
July 21, 2011FridgeSocial groups USAGoogle+[119]
July 23, 2011PittPattFacial recognition system USAAndroid[120][121]
August 1, 2011DealmapOne deal a dayservice USAGoogle Offers[122]
August 15, 2011Motorola MobilityMobile device manufacturer USA$12,500,000,000Android, Google TV, Android TV, Patent portfolio[123]
September 7, 2011Zave NetworksDigital coupons USAGoogle Offers[124]
September 8, 2011ZagatRestaurant reviews USA$151,000,000Google Places, Google Maps[125][126][127]
September 19, 2011DailyDealOne deal a dayservice GER$114,000,000Google Offers[128]
October 11, 2011SocialGrappleSocial media analytics service CANGoogle+Google Analytics[129]
November 10, 2011AptureInstantaneous search USAGoogle Search[130]
November 14, 2011KatangoSocial circle organization USAGoogle+[131]
December 9, 2011RightsFlowMusic rights management USAYouTube[132]
December 13, 2011Clever SenseMobile apps USAAndroid[133]
March 16, 2012Milk, IncSocial networking service USAGoogle+[134]
April 2, 2012TxViaOnline Payment USAGoogle Wallet, Google Checkout[135]
June 4, 2012MeeboInstant Messaging USA$100,000,000Google Hangouts[136]
June 5, 2012QuickofficeProductivity Suite USAGoogle Docs[137]
July 20, 2012SparrowMobile apps FRA$25,000,000Gmail[138][139][140]
2012WIMM LabsAndroid powered smartwatches USAAndroid[141]
August 1, 2012Wildfire InteractiveSocial media marketing USA$450,000,000Google, Google+[142]
September 7, 2012VirusTotal.comSecurity ESP[143][144]
September 17, 2012Nik Software, Inc.Photography USAGoogle, Android[145][146][147]
October 1, 2012ViewdleFacial recognition UKR$45,000,000Android[148][149]
November 28, 2012Incentive Targeting Inc.Digital coupons USAGoogle Offers[150][151]
November 30, 2012BufferBoxPackage delivery CAN$17,000,000Google Shopping, Android[152][153]
February 6, 2013Channel IntelligenceProduct ecommerce USA$125,000,000Google Shopping[154]
March 12, 2013DNNresearch Inc.Deep Neural Networks CANGoogle, X[155]
March 15, 2013Talaria TechnologiesCloud computing USAGoogle Cloud[156]
April 12, 2013BehavioSocial Prediction USAGoogle Now[157]
April 23, 2013WaviiNatural Language Processing USA$30,000,000Google Knowledge Graph[158]
May 23, 2013Makani PowerAirborne wind turbines USAX[159]
June 11, 2013WazeGPS navigation software ISR$966,000,000Google Maps[7]
September 16, 2013BumpMobile software USAAndroid Beam[160]
October 2, 2013FlutterGesture recognitiontechnology USA$40,000,000Google, Android, X[161]
October 22, 2013FlexyCoreDroidBooster App for Android FRA$23,000,000Android[162]
December 2, 2013SCHAFT, Inc.Robotics, humanoid robots JPNX[163]
December 3, 2013Industrial PerceptionRobotic arms, computer vision USAX[163]
December 4, 2013Redwood RoboticsRobotic arms USAX[163]
December 5, 2013Meka RoboticsRobots USAX[163]
December 6, 2013HolomniRobotic wheels USAX[163]
December 7, 2013Bot & DollyRobotic cameras USAX[163]
December 8, 2013AutofussAds and Design USAX[163]
December 10, 2013Boston DynamicsRobotics USAX[163][164]
January 4, 2014BitspinTimely App for Android  CHEAndroid[165]
January 13, 2014Nest LabsHome automation USA$3,200,000,000Nest Labs[166][167]
January 15, 2014ImpermiumInternet security USAProject Zero (Google)[168]
January 26, 2014DeepMind TechnologiesArtificial intelligence UK$625,000,000Google DeepMind[169][170]
February 16, 2014SlickLoginInternet Security ISRProject Zero (Google)[171]
February 21, 2014spider.ioAnti-click fraud UKDoubleClick, Adsense[172]
March 12, 2014GreenThrottleGadgets USAAndroid[173][174]
April 14, 2014Titan AerospaceHigh-altitude UAVs USAProject Loon[175][176][177]
May 2, 2014RangespanE-commerce UKGoogle Shopping[178]
May 6, 2014AdometryOnline advertising attribution USAGoogle AnalyticsAdSense[179]
May 7, 2014AppetasRestaurant website creation USAZagat[180]
May 7, 2014StackdriverCloud computing USAGoogle Cloud Platform[181]
May 7, 2014MyEnergyOnline energy usage monitoring USANest Labs[182]
May 16, 2014Quest VisualAugmented reality USAGoogle Translate[183]
May 19, 2014DivideMobile device management USAAndroid for Work[184]
June 10, 2014Skybox ImagingSatellite USA$500,000,000Google Maps, Project Loon[185]
June 19, 2014mDialogOnline advertising CANDoubleClick[186]
June 19, 2014Alpental TechnologiesWireless USAGoogle[186]
June 20, 2014DropcamHome monitoring USA$555,000,000Nest Labs[187]
June 25, 2014AppurifyAutomated application testing USAAndroid[188]
July 1, 2014SongzaMusic streaming USAGoogle Play, Android TV[189]
July 23, 2014drawElementsGraphics compatibility testing FINAndroid[190]
August 6, 2014EmuIM client USAGoogle Hangouts, Google Now[191]
August 6, 2014DirectorMobile video USAYouTube, Android[192]
August 17, 2014JetpacArtificial intelligence, image recognition USAPicasa[193]
August 23, 2014Gecko DesignDesign USAX[194]
August 26, 2014Zync RenderCloud-based visual effects software USAGoogle Cloud Platform[195]
September 10, 2014Lift LabsLiftware USAVerily[196]
September 11, 2014PolarSocial polling USAGoogle+[197]
October 21, 2014FirebaseData synchronization USAGoogle Cloud Platform[198]
October 23, 2014Dark Blue LabsArtificial intelligence UK£tens of millionsGoogle DeepMind[199]
October 24, 2014RevolvHome automation USANest Labs[200]
November 19, 2014RelativeWaveMobile software prototyping USAAndroid[201]
December 17, 2014VidmakerVideo editing USAYouTube[202]
February 4, 2015Launchpad ToysChild-friendly apps USAYouTube for Kids[203][204]
February 8, 2015OdyseeMultimedia sharing and storage USAGoogle+[205]
February 23, 2015SoftcardMobile payments USAAndroid Pay[206][207]
February 24, 2015Red Hot LabsApp advertising and discovery USAGoogle Play[208]
April 16, 2015Thrive AudioSurround sound technology IREGoogle Cardboard[209]
April 16, 2015Tilt Brush3D painting USAGoogle Cardboard[209]
May 4, 2015TimefulMobile software USAGoogle Inbox, Google Calendar[210]
May 28, 2015Pulse.ioMobile app optimizer USAAndroid[211]
July 21, 2015PixateMobile software prototyping USAAndroid[212]
September 21, 2015OysterE-book subscriptions USAGoogle Play Books[213]
September 30, 2015Jibe MobileRich Communication Services USAAndroid[214]
June 18, 2015AgawiMobile application streaming USAAndroid, Google Play[215]
October 17, 2015Digisfera360-degree photography PORStreet View[216]
November 11, 2015Fly LabsVideo editing USAGoogle Photos[217]
November 11, 2015bebopCloud software USA$380,000,000Google Cloud Platform[218]
February 12, 2016BandPageArtists platform USAYoutube[219]
February 18, 2016PieEnterprise communications SGPSpaces (app)[220]
May 2, 2016SynergyseInteractive tutorials CANGoogle Docs[221]
June 22, 2016WebpassInternet service provider USAGoogle Fiber[222]
July 6, 2016MoodstocksImage recognition FRAGoogle Photos[223]
July 8, 2016AnvatoCloud-based video services USAGoogle Cloud Platform[224]
July 12, 2016KifiLink management USASpaces (app)[225]
July 27, 2016LaunchKitMobile tool maker USAAndroid[226]
August 8, 2016OrbiteraCloud software USA$100,000,000Google Cloud Platform[227]
September 8, 2016ApigeeAPI management and predictive analytics USA$625,000,000Google Cloud Platform[228]
September 15, 2016Urban EnginesLocation based analytics USAGoogle Maps[229][230]
September 19, 2016API.AINatural Language Interfaces USA[231]
October 11, 2016FameBitBranded contentYouTube[232]
October 24, 2016EyefluenceVirtual Reality Interaction[233][234]

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